Technology and Gen Y/Z made change look simple

‘Hello has everyone connected? Yes that is the right password..ok everyone has joined now. So let’s begin with the meeting. Few ground rules –

· Keep audio & video muted.

· Mobile phone muted & away from the device you are using

· Use chat option to communicate

Good Morning to one and all.’

We have often heard these phrases over the past two months. This is on line learning for you.

As you all know any change is very difficult, painful and it takes time to accept. Change comes with uncertainty, challenges and many a times opens window of opportunity.

The present pandemic has disrupted every aspect of life and has forced us to change the way we live. From kids to adults and from blue collar job to white collar job it has affected everyone. The normal routine has been disrupted due to lockdown. The traditional teaching and meeting approach is replaced with online mode. From schools pupils to civil services to doctoral students to businesses all are engaging in online connect.

Zoom, Skype, WebEx, Microsoft Teams, Go ToMeeting, Google Hangouts are the new buzz words. Especially Zoom has come as a boon. People have flocked to their services. In spite of zoom bombing Zoom has emerged as a clear winner in the online space.

Technology has played a dominant role in this transition. Over a period, gradual technological advances brought subtle but a definite change in the mankind namely the young generation. With the advent of social media platform and affordable Smartphone’s people are hooked to online chat, voice and video calling apps.

Amazon, Flipkart, ebay and other online shopping apps have brought buying at finger tips. Apps like NETFLIX & Amazon made movie watching anytime anywhere. Digital marketing has come of age which is creating awareness of new products as never before. Data charges have become more affordable which is driving people to extract as much as possible from online platform. It’s a digital age where online is name of the game. We have acclimatized ourselves to the technology driven world. Technology has impacted almost every field, in fact it has profoundly changed the way education is imparted.

Technology coupled with tech savvy generation has accelerated the pace of change. The new generation is at ease of using latest technology. High speed internet has augmented the change process. Online culture has become a way of life.

In spite of abrupt change from offline to online mode of communication the new generation adapted to the new change quite seamlessly. The primary reason is that they are technology ready, so when situation demanded them to adapt to the new environment there was no resistance and it was accepted with ease.

The new age online communication is boon or ban is a different topic to debate but technology is hands down redeemer in the current pandemic. It has mitigated the immediate impact of business and education closure. More so it has helped to maintain the safety guidelines of Stay Home, Stay Safe and Stay Healthy.

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