The Crucial Bridge

The journey started late of 1990 when the dot com boom created a storm in stock market over the world. India with it intellectual prowess grasped this opportunity to move ahead of the curve. Over the years India has thrived on the IT boom. IT industry brought growth & prosperity across India. It spurred growth in real estate & automobile industry. Such was the phenomenon that young generation from rural India started to move towards urban areas in search for IT jobs. Jobs were in plenty & salary package offered were pretty lucrative. As IT industry kept growing people started to have disposable incomes & looked for better life style. They started to invest in real estate & expensive life style products. This became a way of life & there was no looking back. They bought house, got married & settled wherever they found prosperity. They can be termed as Gen X nomads. There was a definite change in the social landscape.

The concept of nuclear family was born. With this the seeds of shift in cultural values were sown. This generation were still close to the roots & believed in Indian culture. The fast growing cities & the influence of the western culture made them slowly drift away from their roots. Fleeting life blurred the line and the new culture became a new normal. However they were blessed to have spent their childhood in a joint family which made them emotionally stronger and helped them to learn the Indian culture.

The next generation after millennial are called generation Z or ‘Zoomers’. They are the first digital native generation. They belong to the digital age. Digital Connect is their mantra. This generation has been raised on the internet and social media. For anything and everything they fall back on digital platform. They are self confident, independent and highly ambitious. For them taking advice from parents is not a recommended though process. Gen Z doesn’t distinguish between relationships with people they have met online and those they know in the physical world. Meet and greet does not come easy to them. Loneliness is more pronounced in Gen Z. They are more concerned about future of the world and societal challenges.

We are blessed to see five generation coexist. However the difference in cultural values between Boomers to Zoomers has gone beyond point of no return. Having said that all efforts should be made to educate and clear the preconceived notions to Gen Z about our values and ethos. It’s the Gen X on which the onus of responsibility lies to connect and bridge the cultural gap. They are the crucial link to preserve our culture & rich heritage. It is important to pass on the baton before the weak link falls apart.

It is a known fact that technology and culture are two forces that influence one another. Whilst we embrace technology we should hold on to our roots and culture to have a sustained growth for humanity.

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